Monday, 15 October 2012

In The Window - Adam Kelly - Survived Socialism

Survived Socialism

With Survived Socialism graduate artist-in-residence Adam Kelly presents a new series of sculptures which aim to explore the history of modernism, with influence from architecture seen in various towns and cities such as Stoke-on-Trent and Warsaw in Poland. The series' title is derived from a memory that describes Kelly's Polish maternal grandfather, Edward Jezycki. Inventive with unused items, both share common passions for knowledge, museums and geography as demonstrated by this series of work crafted from second-hand steel frame tables (attained from around the city) as well as contemporary objects such as strip-lighting.

The pieces; structured and abstract; are to be switched between the course of the interim Window exhibition, and are bordered with foreign exotic rugs, allocating them space and time.

 The new works and the series are dedicated to Edward Jezycki (b. 1919 – d. 2005). Born and died in Warsaw, the city he loved.

Adam Kelly’s multi-media work explores the idea of self-identity,. His characteristically Eurocentric work reveals personal successes and failures to represent nostalgic memories that are both devastating and promising to different communities and individuals.
Within Adam's practice, his compositions have an autonomous determination and often exorcising approach that links his oeuvre to modernism, re-appraising avant-garde techniques with found and discarded items, and constructs new situations to comment on farcical ideas such as diaspora and nationalism.

Adam Kelly is currently a beneficiary of AirSpace Gallery's Graduate Residency scheme. Contact the Gallery for more details.

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