Friday, 27 July 2012

In The Window - Coming Soon - Ben Harding & Oscar Goldman

August 1st sees a changeover in the AirSpace window, as Ben Harding and Oscar Goldman present, " Infinite Groove" for 1 week only. Be sure to stop by the window for a visual/audio experience

Words and images about the work from Ben and Oscar: 

Ben Harding: Provisionally the work will be based around a digital model of a Technics record player cartridge, which I began working on a few months ago but has been shelved until recently when I began to reconsider my medium whilst producing the work for my degree show.

A simple animation will illustrate the cartridge oscillating slowly, incrementally on the screen of a portable television, which will serve both as a monitor and display case for the virtual object. It is expected that the image of the cartridge will jolt every 1.82 seconds (the amount of time that it takes for a record to complete a single rotation at 33 rpm). This glitch will infer a scratch in the surface of the record, causing the needle to jump backwards and creating a locked groove.

Oscar will produce the soundtrack for the animation - a short audio loop - which should be clearly audible on the outside of the window. This will, hopefully, be achieved through the use of a transducer speaker attached to the inside of the window, effectively turning the window itself into a speaker.

The work is site-specific and aims to address the context of attempting to communicate with the passer-by, the viewer who would not ordinarily enter the gallery.

Oscar Goldman, primarily a musician - and scientist - who builds analogue synthesisers in order to test scientific theories.
My synths are about feedback, once the feedback starts circulating it determines the sound. This is to simulate similar feedback processes in our universe. From subatomic particles to the solar system, emergent processes that create the life around us are based on feedback. This whole process is based on quantum uncertainty, a constant dynamic whose unstoppable chaotic motion has shaped us - and everything around us.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

AirSpace Summer Sale - thepreparations

Preparations are well under way for the AirSpace Summer Sale. Over the next two weekends, the gallery will be presenting a wide variety of artists' works, from concept to craft,from large prints to small multiples - painting, photography, print, sculpture, ceramics and much more - there'll be something for everybody with prices ranging from a few pence to a few pounds! The mainly local artists come from both within the Gallery group and the wider city and the event promises to offer a unique chance to buy some unique work.

Opening times are   Friday     27th July    - 11:00 - 19:00
                              Saturday 28th July    - 11:00 - 17: 00

                              Friday     3rd August  - 11:00 - 19:00
                              Saturday 4th August -  11:00 - 17: 00

Works will also be available to purchase through the gallery website - details coming soon. So if you're in the area, come and get yourself a (very) early Chrismas present!

Monday, 23 July 2012

in the window - joyce iwaszko

AirSpace studio artist, Joyce Iwaszko, has turned the gallery's window exhibiting space blue for a week, with her work, "transient codes" - a personal examination of identity, secret codes and temporary existence inspired by Josiah Wedgwood's Jasper Ware.

The work can be seen from July 23rd - 31st and is the latest work to be shown in the gallery's ongoing In The Window programme, showcasing artists' works from within the city and beyond.

For exhibition details, including how to submit a proposal for consideration, visit:

coming soon: Ben Harding, Pete Smith, Ryan Hughes

Monday, 16 July 2012

Creative Urban Yarden at AirSpace....

A new project for airspace, keep up to date with it via the facebook page...

We are currently preparing the ‘Yarden’ (yard/garden) at AirSpace Gallery to become a multi-functional creative urban space that will showcase yard & small space growing solutions & host outdoor art exhibitions, workshops & events...
What it is...
We are currently preparing the ‘Yarden’ (yard/garden) at AirSpace Gallery to become a multi-functional creative urban space that will showcase yard & small space growing solutions & host outdoor art exhibitions, workshops & events.

The project will be officially launched in August 2012, with an open garden event (soon to be advertised- watch this space) with the planning & designing stage beginning straight away to be put into effect next year ready for the 2013 growing season. There is still time to grow some produce this year within the framework of the existing yard, planting in moveable pots that can be incorporated into the design of the Garden.

The Garden will be created using an array of found & reclaimed materials and DIY solutions, using methods that can be taught to others in workshops, to be replicated within the yards & small spaces of the City.

We aim to create a network of local growers (linking both urban & rural) who could share resources, advice, & produce. We want to teach new growing skills to city dwellers, and encourage growth & creativity in the urban environment, highlighting the links of creativity, growing & well-being as well as measuring the impact of the Garden on the local environment, individuals & the community that could be created within the Creative Urban Garden

The Garden will offer:
-A ‘hidden’ retreat space within the City that will be accessible to ALL via the Gallery, during gallery opening hours.

-Demo of creative vertical DIY growing solutions, & small space systems which will be created in-situ in workshop sessions, to be replicated in your own Yards, small gardens or windowsills.

-A space to host creative workshops, meetings, outdoor exhibitions & events.

-Seasonal workshops about growing veg & herbs in urban spaces, potting & planting, vertical systems, herb & plant identification, harvesting & processing, as well as introduction to permaculture principles, city wildlife & urban foraging.

-The garden will be designed to be a creative space, this may include a sensory & herb area containing plants, flowers & herbs associated with creativity. An array of visual planting schemes and use of colour will provide a backdrop for outdoor site-specific artwork & exhibitions.

-The Gallery’s resource room will house an accessible Garden Library including books on permaculture design, urban land reclamation, and veg growing… to inspire and inform your own inner-city growing.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts at the early stage of the project. The input of ideas for the design stage will be welcomed. Input of ideas, contacts, networking can happen during the garden launch day in August (TBC). See you in the Garden.

MADE2: PART2: in the window

on sunday we completed the move of artwork from the gallery space into the window space for the second half of the MADE2 exhibition, which features work by both Foundation and Foundation Degree students from Newcastle-under-Lyme College, this work will now be on show until the 22nd July. It has been great fun working with the students to put this work up and both the gallery and window exhibitions have been well received by the public, so good luck to all of you in the future...

The artists on show in the window now are Calum Davies, Harriet Paynter, Josie Ord, Kelly Lovatt, Rachael Neale and Rebekah O'Brien

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

the first post...

what has happened in the last week at the gallery...

the newcastle under lyme college window exhibition is in its second week...

the old (and structurally unstable) outhouse came down...

...and was replaced by a new concrete base, ready for our sustainable urban gardening project...

we held a Turning Point West Midlands, meeting looking at the idea of artist development in the region.