Monday, 8 October 2012

In The Window - Adam Gruning - The Last Adventure

‘The Last Adventure’ - Adam Gruning

In ‘The Last Adventure’ recent graduate Adam Grüning explores a relationship between the consumer, the gallery and the explorer through the use of subtle word play and familiar shop signage design. The work employs a humour and attempts to investigate a possible social dilemma of what is left to do and discover in a spectacle-based society under the superficialities of consumerism.

Grüning’s work centres around elements of design, placement and choice towards various spectacles in society, with his current concerns revolving around the display of imagery and visual communication. There are continuous gestures relating to permanence, existence, spectacle and language in his work, in some way questioning or re-addressing a relationship with it. It is most often through photography that he formalises his work, as it is a medium that he feels handles the dialogue of image and design most directly. Previous work such as ‘Shit Sprayed Chrome,’ displays these characteristics and nature of his practice in creating a conversation between notions of the situationists as well as the medium of photography itself. However, most recently, and on exhibition here, his practice has developed into investigations of text works.

Adam is currently one of two AirSpace Gallery graduate resident artists and is showing this work as an interim exhibition in the Gallery's window space, as his residency nears its halfway point.

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