Wednesday, 3 October 2012

AirSpace Studio Show - featured artist #9 - Pete Smith

The Studio Show is into its final stretch - there are 4 days left to catch the 12 great exhibited works as the final day is Saturday 6th October. Number 9 in this series featuring the show's artists and works has the spotlight falling on Peter R. Smith.

Pete's work is actually presented upstairs at AirSpace in his studio space, with a live feed of the work shown on a TV in the Gallery - a chance to pry on the often unseen workings of a studio artist!

Mechanisms of Art: 

In Pete's words, "As an artist or as I believe I am, I like to try and physically create ongoing variations of surrogate machines or synthetic substitutes of the things I see in my every day existence.
Sometimes there is a ritual pattern to the way these artworks interact with those around them. Sometimes there is not. Those machines can do everything I had not intended for them to do as well, and other times they just refuse to do anything at all. They just break down and pack it all in, so to say, creating sheer pleasure or total annoyance to me like an alter ego wanting to have its own say. And classic, is when something happens you weren’t really expecting and cannot ever hope to recreate with that same intensity. To my frustration at times; like life. I’ve found myself being the only witness to such a moment, with no one around to share that moment with. I guess that also sums me up as an artist and a person really, with not much I can or want to add that would say any more or less; this is about the whole self."

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