Friday, 5 October 2012

AirSpace Studio Show - featured artist #11 - Joyce Iwazsko

Joyce Iwazsko's work, inspired by the "godfather" of Stoke-on-Trent, Josiah Wedgwood, is the penultimate in the featured works currently on display in the AirSpace Studio Show. There's only a couple of days left for this year's show, so make sure you don't miss the chance to see a great exhibition before it closes on Saturday 6th October at 5pm.

Transient Codes 2: 

Josiah Wedgwood experimented repeatedly with clay firing to achieve different colours of Jasper.  Wedgwood called these experiments ‘trials’ and inscribed them with various secret coding to guard the variables of how the final results were achieved.  

This work has been inspired by researching and observing the ‘trials’. The paintings are created using layers of clay body, ceramic pigment, cement and oil paint to create a dialogue between painting and ceramic history.  The colours and inscriptions are reminiscent of the original trials but the coding has been changed to reflect my own personal histories. The paintings have been altered since they were previous shown which adds to the transient nature of the work.

Transient Codes 2 is a work about identity, layering, combination of materials, chemical reactions, temporary existences and secret codes. My interests include colour, texture, pigment, clay, cement, layers, metaphor, inscription, heritage, past, trace, secret codes, temporary, transient, contemporary, future. 

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