Wednesday, 16 April 2014

In The Window - introducing Michelle-Rheeston Humphries

Glen Stoker, Re-Living Room, 2012

AirSpace Gallery has announced a brand new series of In The Window commissions/exhibitions. Scheduled to run in between the main gallery exhibition programme, the In The Window commissions offer artists an opportunity to make and test ambitious new work, and exhibit it within one of the country's leading artist-led galleries, in a position which receives a huge daily audience.

For full details of the programme are on the gallery website here.

The In The Window programme is curated by former AirSpace Studio member Michelle Rheeston-Humphreys.

Michelle is a practicing artist and researcher based in the West Midlands. She is co- founder of the collaborative duo (h)edge kelektiv, who have been working together since 2011. They have during this short period undertaken a number of residencies, commissions, exhibitions and conferences nationally.

Her research interests lie in the experience of liminality or the state of being in between. Specifically she is interested in performative site-specific intervention that hinges on decentering. A key to this is in activation of the audience through destabilization and curiosity leading to a sense of wonder. She uses narrative, text, light, sound, and performance, as well as, trompe l’oeil objects, images and spaces to this effect.

The window space at Airspace Gallery holds a particular fascination for Michelle and she is very excited to explore the potential the space holds for her own practice. Through managing the ‘In the Window’ programme she is very eager to work with other artists to discover new and interesting uses of this very unique exhibition/ test space.