Tuesday, 17 July 2018

The Brownfield Research Centre - Brownfield Artists of the Day: Danny Treacy

In our ongoing series highlighting Artists and works submitted to our Brownfield Research Centre, each day until July 22nd, we will be highlighting the work of artists submitting to our Open Call.

Danny Treacy, Those 

Treacy's practice incorporates elements of photography, sculpture, performance, archaeology and anthropology. He has exhibited nationally and internationally and also works regularly as lecturer and arts educator.

His working process combines collecting and recycling, identity, social invisibility, fieldwork, surveying and the politics of space. As such it is located both in the dialogues of art practice and material culture. 

"The images submitted are from a photographic series Those. The objects in the images are constructed entirely from found clothing, the clothes are collected by myself, then reconstructed in a manner that they reference organic life forms, flora and fauna. As such, they blur the boundary between the artefact and the organism.
The nature of the areas the clothes are collected from are in flux. I typically gravitate towards woodland, wasteland, car-parks, the banks of rivers and clearings. The materials I use are gradually disintegrating. This erosion is intrinsically tied to the land use, physical boundaries and human interaction that defines the characteristics of these spaces."
There is a temporal frailty of the Law in these neglected spaces...We must negotiate the terrain on their terms...Those are archaic, they visualize the aspiring life forms of the underworld. Cellular structures, seed pods, egg-like protrusions; They speak of dormant life forms and potentials unlocked. The sculpted objects hold this history in their present form. The rotting insole, the un-braiding threads and fungal growth also speak of reclamation. The original acts are silenced, meanings rebound, memory is inert.
 Gavin Murphy, Source Magazine, Issue76.

Danny Treacy.



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