Sunday, 29 July 2018

Returns Residency Day 4 - Keeping Going

For 1 week, a group of artists ( Christine Stevens, Andrew Brown, Joanne Lee and Danica Maier) formerly working on a previous project in the city (Topographies of the Obsolete, 2013) based at the Spode factory site - have returned to Stoke to pick up some pieces ahead of a short exhibition with us in Autumn 2018. 

Not so many visitors today to help with making the pot, so a more contemplative time. However, Khayal from Kurdistan joined me for several hours, and by the end of the afternoon the pot had developed a very distinctive shape and the beginnings of a throat. We had little common language between us, but we communicated very well through touching and handling the clay as we worked on the pot together.
- Christine Stevens 

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