Friday, 27 July 2018

Returns Residency Day 3 - Testing, trying and playing

For 1 week, a group of artists (Christine Stevens, Andrew Brown, Joanne Lee and Danica Maier) formerly working on a previous project in the city (Topographies of the Obsolete, 2013) based at the Spode factory site - have returned to Stoke to pick up some pieces ahead of a short exhibition with us in Autumn 2018.

Day 3 -  Testing, trying and playing


Day three of the residency sees a number of tests, samples, experiments and scribbles.  Working with collected ceramics from Stoke on Trent (a lot of it Spode) I’m figuring out ways of combining the 3d objects with 2d drawings; possible wall paintings; interactions and connections of objects and food. 

Ideas are slowly emerging and the Centre of the Cosmos was found here in Stoke on Trent!

- Danica Maier

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