Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Decapod/THIS MOVEMENT: Choreographic objects

Another part of THIS MOVEMENT is objects. Movements involve objects after all and I wondered what it would be to have objects that referred to an ambiguous movement that perhaps doesn't really exist, or perhaps runs through other movements. I didn't really have much of a plan (this was early 2016, before I even knew I was coming to AirSpace) and thought that if I got them they might lead me somewhere.

The first thing I got was the two placards that are in the gallery. Placards are the total 'political art' cliche. Mine aren't even cool ones that I hand painted or made roughly. I ordered them online late at night when I was bored.  

I also got some button badges. I've been looking for a reason to get badges made for my work and here was one. Badges get picked up and worn and spread and I fancifully imagined that THIS MOVEMENT would spread with them. (You can pick up a badge from the gallery)

I got these pencils too.

I'm also interested in how objects choreograph us - how they invite or require a certain kind of movement. There was a disobedient objects exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London a few years ago that touched on this but it's not just about choreographies of disobedience or resistance.

It's also about objects of support and care and cooperation which are ideas I am interested in as a basis of politics.

So I've been gathering water bottles, and blankets and ski masks (yeah I know, Pussy Riot have claimed these for a long time now although my reference was James Dean Bradfield) with no particular purpose in mind. Pink (or close enough) is the colour for no particular reason apart form the fact that is pretty and not so common but not too hard to find. 

And Gene Sharp the influential thinker on non violent revolutions includes symbolic colours amongst his 198 methods of non violent action.

And then last week I started photographing them but quickly realised I needed to show them in action. Duh. Maybe this is the start of something. It's the first time I've put myself in the frame for a while which is strange and something for me to think about.

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