Thursday, 24 March 2016

DECAPOD - Meet the Artists - Camille Leherpeur and Kevin Boniface

Ten years ago, as AirSpace Gallery was opening its doors for the first time, Stoke-on- Trent was a very different city. David Bethell and Andrew Branscombe opened the gallery as a space for artists to make and show new work, and as the city’s first non-commercial visual art gallery. Since opening, AirSpace has worked with hundreds of artists, both within the gallery and in the buildings and streets of the city and beyond.

Here we take the opportunity to reconnect with some of the fantastic artists and curators that we have built relationships with over the years, by asking them to nominate a rising star for inclusion in the Decapod exhibition. In this way we are continuing with our ethos of supporting the next generation of artists, something which has always been at the heart of what we do.

Ten Years, Ten Selectors, Ten Artists.


Camille Leherpeur - selected by David Bethell & Andrew Branscombe (2006)
Paris-born Leherpeur is a printmaker, collagist and performance artist currently completing his MFA at Central St. Martins. Within his recent practice, performative items inspired by common shapes seen in European museums such as: crowns, masks, swords, and sceptres, are crafted and then worn and activated during performances where he plays characters de ned by the objects. Alongside his performative research, Camille pursues an interest in iconography, collaging in large frescoes the international imagery found in museums.

Portrait of the Artist - The Fool


Kevin Boniface - selected by Mishka Henner & Liz Lock (2008)
Kevin Boniface lives and works in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. His work is an ongoing journal realised primarily through text, film and photography.
I’m collecting things. I used to say I wrote everything down because I didn’t want to miss anything; because I didn’t know which thing would turn out to be an important thing and which thing was just a thing. Now I think I’ve realised that things are as important as you want them to be.”

 Here's a link to Kevin's Blog - The Most Difficult Thing Ever

and to his Vimeo site which is crammed with amazing minute observations -

and to his book, Lost In The Post 

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