Thursday, 31 March 2016

DECAPOD - Olive Jones - Memphis, Tennessee, A Review by Amy Matthews

As part of DECAPOD - AirSpaceGallery's 10th Birthday exhibition, we asked invigilator Amy Matthews to select one of the 10 works and reflect. Amy's choice was "Memphis, Tennessee" by Olive Jones.

photo:Amy Matthews

"Olive Jones is one of the ten artists exhibiting in AirSpace Gallery's group exhibition, DECAPOD, celebrating the ten years the space has been running.

The selector for Jones was Emily Speed whose practice explores the relationship between the body and the building they inhabit. Jones' piece Memphis (Tennessee) 2016, was one of the pieces that stood out to me the most during the show, a mixed media installation exploring myths and spirituality, drawing on historical and cultural symbolism.

A subtle aroma of a sweet earthy scent was spread around the space drawing the viewer closer towards its source and a sense of calm. The cause for the aroma was woven eucalyptus branches bound together to make a ring, the sculpture with its pastel tones works in perfect harmony with the pyramid sat just below, creating a balance within the installation. The eucalyptus tree, well known for its medical benefits due to its antiseptic properties, has also been a symbolism for inner healing - a balance of emotions and finding clarity in dreams. 
Jones allows the viewer to find their own interpretation within her installation, utilising a contrast of traditional and ordinary symbols. I found within the work, a great deal of peace and reflection. The distorted digital hourglasses and eucalyptus ring made reference to time, a constant moving, having no visible end nor beginning. Reminders of a truth that, in time, the bad will always pass and that we should appreciate the time we have.

I thoroughly enjoyed Olive Jones Memphis (Tennessee) and look forward to seeing her practice grow and expand in future exhibitions to come."

Text: Amy Matthews, currently an under-graduate on the Fine Art course at Staffordshire University, preparing for her end of year group exhibition.

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