Saturday, 26 October 2013

The Walking Encyclopaedia - More Content Arrives

Two wonderful parcels arrived at AirSpace HQ this morning - more material to add to our growing Walking Encyclopaedia. Thanks to Luce Choules and Walter Siegried.

Luce Choules“With combined interests in cartography, geography, architecture and cinematography, ‘viewpoints’ are collected in the field while walking, cycle-touring or climbing. My practice involves photographic recording of elemental details found deep within the natural landscape and at the edges of urban communities. Activities using slow travel allow a more reflective time to encounter the physical landscape and make a connection with the wider issues of human passage. These ideas are explored through a series of themes – OrientationLandmarksStronghold andBarriers. Narratives involving a notion of ‘place’ and ‘situation’ are constructed through single-image reference points, conceptual films and experiential maps.”

Walter Siegfried Born in 1949 in Zofingen. Youth and studies in Switzerland. 1977 PhD at the University of Zurich in the combination of subjects psychology, art history and philosophy. After teaching about exercise and dance at several universities and academies. From 1982, research (MPIV, Seewiesen) about: aesthetics, behavior - on the model of the human dance - published in: Beauty and the Brain. Birkhauser, Basel, Boston, Berlin, 1988.

Since 1986, art projects and performances . 1986-2005 continued teaching at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich and at the University of Art and Design in Zurich.
Siegfried's work was funded and awarded by the Swiss National Science Foundation and Pro Helvetia, the Siemens program and culture of the City of Munich, and by Philip Morris and the Board of Trustees Aargau.

To find out more and to add your walking artist content in readiness for The Walking Encyclopaedia exhibition at AirSpace in February 2014, click the link.

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