Wednesday, 23 October 2013

AirSpace Graduate Residency - Bob Catterall's Diary - October 2013

Robert Catterall is one of two Graduate Residents at AirSpace Gallery - free studio space, monthly mentoring sessions, access to all Gallery facilities and an end-of-residency solo show.

Roughly halfway through the residency, here is his diary entry for October, 2013

Bob says of his practice
My practice starts off with narratives that are developed from my research, which has a focus on inequity and iniquity in current international political and social affairs. These narratives often have apocalyptic and dystopian themes, inspired by the unjust reality portrayed through main stream media. Like the media I filter the information available to the viewer to suit my intent, offering excerpts in descriptions and publications.

From these narratives I construct architectural models, sculptures and installations that illustrate my stories, giving hints to the morals behind them. Though I work in miniature scales, my interest in space and the way it is interacted with has lead me to produce large scale pieces.

Photography also plays a large role in my practice, both as means of presentation and as one of the mixed media used in the creation of three dimensional pieces. I find lenses to be a great means for adding atmosphere to my work; using studio lighting, smoke effects and processes such as stop animation, I to try add elements of realism to my work and breath life into otherwise vacant imagery. 

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