Monday, 28 October 2013

AirSpace Graduate Residency - Chloe Ashley - "Domestic Space /1"

Chloe Ashley
Domestic Space /1
AirSpace Gallery
1st November - 6th November

My underlying interests with the uncanny and its relationship with domestic has led to a photographic investigation of 4 Broad Street, examining the interior space and its link to the unheimlich. The decaying space of the house visibly evokes the jarring, however what is perhaps interesting is the disappearance of the homely that was once evidently present within the house.This deterioration of the domestic emerges through the dilapidated interior, and is particularly evoked through the transformation of the everyday objects which occupy the space. These objects have lost their ability to function, taking on new forms which interact with the space in bizarre ways. A toilet cistern overflows with insulation, a light bulb lies within a sink. A pink pipe emerges from the wall only to be taped over. It occasionally gurgles. The everyday objects have become unfamiliar and absurd due to the regression of the homely, creating a surreal and uncanny atmosphere within the space.

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