Sunday, 27 October 2013

AirSpace Graduate Residency - Bob Catterall, Monolithic Mastaba

Halfway through their 6 month residencies at AirSpace Gallery, 2013 graduates Bob Catterall and Chloe Ashley have the opportunity to test some ideas and works out with an interim exhibition.

The venue is the gallery's window exhibiting space, which has its plusses and minuses.

On the negative side, physically, it is a really difficult space to create work for and site it in. So, whilst it is really tall which is a good thing, the space is very shallow - only a metre or so deep.

The really difficult thing though is the central partition. The temptation is often to split works in to two parts because of the two-paned formation, though this isn't necessarily the correct way forward.

The major plus is the visibility of the space. The footfall is several hundred passers-by a day and added to that, the traffic lights directly outside mean regular stationary cars and buses provide momentary captive audiences in the shape of their passengers.

Bob Catterall's has taken the vaguaries of the space on board and has responded with a new work, entitled Monolithic Mastaba.
The sculptural installation operates on a macro and micro level. At first sight, the large scale imposing sculptural forms mask the intricate micro mirroring happening at floor level. And in this way effectively overcomes the limitations of the space by presenting something large and impressive - something to catch the eye from a distance - yet there is something which draws the viewer closer, enticed by what might be happening in the two "mouse holes" at the bottom of the obelisk.
The viewer is rewarded with a pair of model miniature dioramas, perfectly rendered in great detail, and which really subvert one's sense of scale.

The work will be unveiled to the public tomorrow, 28th October, 2013 and will be on show until November 1st.

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