Friday, 8 August 2014

PARLOUR by Vulpes Vulpes - Children's workshop - a reflection by Selina Oakes

#6 in a series of blogposts from VulpesVulpes reflecting on their AirSpace Gallery Residency activity for  PARLOUR

Newest AirSpace Gallery member, Selina Oakes spent her first day with us helping out with the children's workshop, yesterday - part of VV's residency activity around ideas of social gatherings.

Here's her report.

Yesterday saw artist collective, Vulpes Vulpes, host an animated children's workshop as part of their Parlour residency. After rallying the troops from the region (and walk-able vicinity), the afternoon kicked off with a brief history of the art of patchwork from Anna and Carla, introducing the eager and energised participants to both the usefulness and decorative aspects of patchwork making. 

The collaborative workshop offered children the opportunity to delve into the active making of a patchwork sculpture. Having prepped the materials gathered from Fenton's Community Scrap Shack, transforming them into accessible tools with punched holes and a few sporadic geometric cut-outs, the workshop was intended to both engage and facilitate the kids in understanding both a traditional and
contemporary, creative and collective process. 
There was drawing, cutting, layering, designing, tying, more hole-punching and a few creative negotiations, all accompanied by a refreshing supply of popcorn and oatie-biscuits. Patchworks made individually and in groups were gradually attached to a sculptural core, progressively spanning out across AirSpace's main gallery floor as the afternoon unravelled. 

Once all the pieces were united and incorporated into the collective sculpture, the delicate patchwork structure was hoisted in various directions to offer an excellent view of all the intricate and individual drawings, fabrics, textures, colours, forms and shapes joined by a medley of string-ties and woollen-knots.

Come along to the Parlour preview tonight, 6pm onwards, and see the hard-work of the children's workshop integrated into Vulpes Vulpes' latest exhibition, with a twist..

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