Thursday, 28 August 2014

Hello Studio 3, by New AirSpace Member Selina Oakes

Studio 3 (exclusive view & imaginary desk !)
Joining AirSpace Gallery after a bumpy but consistently surprising post-uni ride, I'm thrilled to get stuck in with the AirSpace community and its creative endeavours. As a Fine Art graduate from Newcastle University (the Newcastle with the big bridges and the moderately tall angel), I've returned to my home city of Stoke-on-Trent to explore the possibilities of interning for the artist-led organisation as well becoming a studio holder. Hello, I'm in studio 3!

My emerging practice lies between drawing, photography, sound and video-performance. As this is the first time I've had a studio outside of an institutional environment I'm keen to re-focus my research interests, working in an experimental way over the next few weeks. Prior to AirSpace, my practice focused primarily on body-space interactions – looking at mimicry and movement in relation to natural environments, man-made props and architecture. I have a slow-to-be-updated website here

Some previous works for eager eyes:

Having had a pause in my artistic practice, I'm gearing myself up by reviewing the stack of photographs I've taken over the last year. I'm also eager to work on my contemporary art writing - past interests include body-space production and performativity in photography. Alongside my time as a studio holder, I'm looking forward 
to joining AirSpace as an intern – pitching in with admin jobs, work around the gallery and assisting with artist-led projects. 

As a new member at AirSpace, I've had a great welcome with the Vulpes Vulpes workshop day, as well as a brief encounter with current resident artists Neil and Harriet (Campbell Works). I've settled into studio 3 with a few contemplative scrawlings and successfully managed to lock myself out of the AirSpace building. Whilst my role as an intern might require borrowing a few characteristics from a folklore shapeshifter, part of the interest in working for an artist-led space is that people's roles are in a state of flux - constantly changing in relation to the shifting projects that enter and disperse their way into the building and beyond. I'm looking forward to becoming part of a creative and collaborative hub that seeks to promote the existence of contemporary visual art in Stoke-on-Trent – Glen assures me its not all about making coffee and tea.

Selina Oakes.

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