Thursday, 30 January 2014

The Walking Encyclopaedia - DAY TWO - Building and Sifting

Day two of The Walking Encyclopaedia was all about the build and the sift.

The build began with creating a framework for the outer wall -  which then took a board either side, creating a double skin.

Once the frame was built, the boards could be attached, which gave us an idea of the new corridor space leading down to the dark room -  -  and we could make a start on creating the entrance to the space, in the form of a pair of reclaimed doors.

the submissions table
Zo starts the sift
While Andy was creating the physical space for The Walking Encyclopaedia, we made a start on the cataloguing process - systematically sifting through each of the physical submissions, noting names, titles, formats, dimensions, whether return postage had been requested, and so on. Once each of these works has been noted and codified, we'll make a start on the digital submissions, before finally categorising the works and creating the catalogue cards.

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