Saturday, 11 January 2014

AirSpace Graduate Residencies - #1

This is the second year we have been running our Graduate Residency scheme, which looks to tackle the issue of graduate retention in the City. 

The first show is 
Post-Industrial/Counter-Revolution - Bob Catterall
AirSpace Gallery 14th-18th January,  2014

Progress drives society, controlling economy and politics, but on the horizon of great development looms impending decline. There is no final conclusion to the fall of a great era, only new beginnings. With the industrial revolution came the addition of factories to facilitate the new age of production, multiplying outward into urban sprawl. In many cases they are now abandoned, decaying in the wake of progress and subtracting beauty from natures golden ratio. As the mortar erodes into the sands of time, the derelicts of a once booming industry play host to new era of entrepreneurs. Artists, explorers and even athletes reclaim these spaces, working through the quiet hours to build anew. 
Mally Mallinson in to help Bob curate his show
AirSpace Director Andrew Branscombe, Joe Burton, Mally and Bob

In Bob's Words...
For my solo show I propose to consolidate over two years practice into one mixed media installation designed to hold the entire gallery space unified through a single narrative. The work is a culmination of several lines of enquiry, some of which started in my final year of study at Staffordshire university and some which have developed from continued research through my time spent practising at AirSpace gallery. Industry, architecture and counter-cultures will form the backbone of the work, creating a platform that will allow to me to continue exploring the way that the space held by a body of work effects the way that the viewer interacts with it. 

The AirSpace Gallery Graduate Residency Scheme offers 2 selected artists 6 months free studio space, monthly mentoring meetings with Gallery staff and experienced arts professionals from outside the Gallery, professional development assistance, through our links with Artist-Newsletter and Turning Point West Midlands, and 2 exhibitions, including the all-important chance for a solo show.

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