Thursday, 30 January 2014

The Walking Encyclopaedia - DAY ONE - Plans

Day One of the preparations for the Walking Encyclopaedia saw some preliminary investigations of the extent of the show and the possibilities for the space.

Our initial plan involves building a "pod" within the lower gallery space, which will separate the Walking Encyclopaedia from Tim Knowles, "Paths of Variable Resistance" show - separate, for no other reason than to allow each part of the overall show its own designated space.

So, our initial plans divide the space up as seen in figs. 1-4.

Fig. 1

The Walking Encyclopaedia Room will contain all the physical submissions, including artworks, objects, 2d prints and photographs, plus some shelving to hold the amazing variety of publications, and some monitor stations to display a changing and rolling show reel of films and videos. There will be tables and chairs to relax whilst reading a chosen book, plus some dvd stations to watch a chosen film.

Fig. 2

The big fascia wall that can be seen greeting the visitor through the archway will be the entrance to the Walking Encyclopaedia. The entrance will be through a set of bespoke doors, filled with a frosted glass, to allow light in to the space, but also maintain a privacy from the rest of the exhibition.

The long corridor which leads to the dark space at the bottom end of the gallery - viewable in Fig. 3 - will act as an exhibition wall for 2d works, leading the viewer into the film room, where Tim Knowles work, The Gorge, 2014 will act as a terminus to the whole exhibition.

Fig. 4 shows the view back up the length of the gallery from the Dark Room. 

The countdown is on to bring this show to life. The plan for Day 2 is to make a start - on the build for the Walking Encyclopaedia Space and to sift through the physical and digital submissions.

The Walking Encyclopaedia including Paths of Variable Resistance will open with a public preview on Friday February 7th at 6pm.

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