Thursday, 16 July 2015

Indefinable Cities → Japan : Day 3

Preparations continue with today's focus on finding solutions for installing Ben Cove's "Look-See".

At AirSpace, the painted background for "Look-See" was straightforward - Ben provided his coloured paint - a beautiful soft pink - and we simply painted the Gallery's chipboard wall, which could easily revert to its standard white once deinstalled.

Gallery walls at Art Takahashi
Look-See at AirSpace
The walls at Art Takahashi (Hikone, Shiga), host to Ben Cove, are not allowed to be painted, and so Koh and Mio have decided to attach wallpaper, using a removable wallpaper paste (an internet buy from Blackburn!) which adheres really well, but, once dry, can be peeled off, leaving no residue.


Using Ben's supplied Pantone code, they have mixed their own paint, creating a perfect match and are pre-painting the wallpaper strips to the exact mesurements required, ready for install next week.


The first of the five exhibitions opens on Saturday, with Rebecca Chesney's sound and film works at Atelier Sangatsu in Osaka - and ahead of that the 5 posters which will be displayed at each venue are now ready too.

One potential problem ahead of Rebecca's opening is the impending arrival of Typhoon Nangka. Typhoon always affects Japan, and the forecast for Nangka is that it will hit Osaka on Friday, with winds over 100mph expected and potentially 3 feet of rainfall. Friday is the install day for Rebecca and so our fingers are crossed that the disruption - particularly for the electricity supply, considering the sound and AV equipment needed for her work - won't be too bad.

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