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Small Change - Introducing artists Jane Lawson and Noor Nuyten - by Zo Maltby-Baker

Jane Lawson and Noor Nuyten are two of the artists that make up the 'Small Change' exhibition that opens November 8th - December 7th at AirSpace Gallery.  

Jane Lawson

My work attempts to make visual sense of the complex processes and systems underpinning human existence; and I also seek to embody alternatives to the dominant cultural narrative which claims that the present economic system, although flawed, is our only realistic option.
Alongside these interests, I have an abiding fascination with materials; the sensual exploration of substance provides an invaluable counterweight to the analysis of information.
There is a strong political edge to my work, informed by my experiences as political activist and researcher into corporate ethics, but I try to avoid didacticism, preferring to present situations and possibilities and let the viewer draw their own conclusion. Notwithstanding this, I want my work to in some way contribute to a change in our social organisation. I believe that art’s capacity to communicate beyond the limits of language can open up new ways of experiencing and imagining the world, and that through imagination we can bring other realities into being. 
Additionally, Jane runs Castlefield Gallery Associates -  a membership scheme for artists, writers and independent curators working in contemporary art.  It has been developed by Castlefield Gallery to support members in developing their work and careers by providing information, skills, opportunities, resources, promotion and critical dialogue. 

Jane has been involved with numerous projects and Gallery exhibitions. Here are a few of my favourites. All information can be found at her website and I also recommend checking out her blog, a great perspective of an artist's process.

The Heinrich Event: Collaborative residency in Rogue Project Space.

The Heinrich event was a collaborative project between artists Annie Harrison, Roger Bygott and Fiona Donald which was named after the climatic phenomenon of "sudden cooling that occurred at regular intervals during the last Ice Age, triggering a partial collapse of the Northern ice sheets and sending armadas of icebergs floating south.

Timeline of global climate/human/apple history

Golden Continents


Tory Cuts Mind Map, Cuts and Grazes, the Art Corner, Manchester 2011

"Cuts and Grazes is an exhibition of ten emerging artists from Manchester, Salford, London and Hove.  The artists were selected from a call for submissions asking artists to respond to the recent spending review.  ‘Cuts and Grazes’ was conceived to highlight the public’s reaction to the recent spending cuts, presenting a ‘Creative View of the Spending Review’." heartcorner.wordpress.com

Tory Cuts Mind Map 3.5 x 3m

Noor Nuyten

Noor Nuyten (1986, Netherlands) graduated from the HISK, Ghent in 2011.
Recently she showed her work at the Ithuba **Art International Istanbul, **Arts Gallery in Johannesburg, Kunsthalle Münster and Upstream Gallery Amsterdam.*

Two notable pieces of work - 

A 0 °C Globe (2013)

A 0 °C Globe (2013)
Model of a globe made out of frozen water, globe’s standard.
The frozen water melts as soon as the temperature rises above 0 °C.
Photo: Gert Jan van Rooij

A 50 °C Horizon (2010)

A 50 °C Horizon (2010)
Two thermometeres of 50 °C, 60 x 4 cm
When it is 50 °C the red line, the horizon, will be finished.

Please note that Noor's website is under construction, but be patient and take a look when its up, as her work is worth the wait. In the mean time all you need to do is come along to AirSpace Gallery to see for yourself. 

Website - http://www.noornuyten.nl/

Gallery's - http://www.upstreamgallery.nl/noor-nuyten/

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