Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Small Change - Introducing the Artists and Collectives - by Zo Maltby-Baker

small change  is a response to the book Small Change by architect Nabeel Hamdi and focuses on change and placemaking in the city, seen both as a physical and imagined entity. It comprises a group exhibition featuring existing and new work by four artists, a public intervention and a talk and an Artist Soup Kitchen delivered by Professor Nabeel Hamdi.
Alongside the artists, four collectives, from the UK and beyond, contribute to the exhibition with audiovisual material that documents their engagement with the public realm.
In the week of install, AirSpace Gallery Associate, Zo-Maltby Baker will be highlighting the artists and collectives involved in small change, the exhibition.

So here is the first preview of those artist chosen to be a part this Exhibition, “which is a response to the book Small Change by architect Nabeel Hamdi and its main idea that small-scale actions have the power to bring about positive change in urban communities.

For more information on these artists and collectives follow the links and read their intros throughout this week.

Today’s post introduces the collectives,  Buddleia / public works


Buddleia is a Non-Profit Organization based in Manchester, a commissioning agency for art in the public realm. Set up in 2010 by independent curator Kerenza McClarnan, Buddleia focuses on “social understanding of the public realm. Delivering bold, life-changing art in public spaces.”

“Buddleia takes a collaborative approach to commissioning by shaping a process that allows artists, residents and agencies to work together. There approach, “embraces people art and place through artist’s commissions, residencies and projects. We also offer consultancy and expertise in urban and social enquiry and deliver regular symposium and critical events.  http://buddleia.co.uk/about/

Find out more about them at the following links

Torange Khonsar founder of Public Works. The Iranian born British educated architect, has been the senior lecturer in architecture at London metropolitan university since 2000. She has run many international workshop and has spoken at the UN Habitat conference. 

Walk by Torange Khonsari, 'Can We Live the Green Dream?' Exemplar Talks and Walks 
Exemplar Properties, Design for London, Somerset House,2008

Here are a couple of the works/publications that Torange has been involved in.

The Whitechapel Gift Shop is mixed use development that combines a public cultural programme with private living. The back, private space was then reconstructed with collected objects, furniture and building materials with previous history. Performance of "Plastic" in collaboration with 30 bird productions was planned for the end of the building works in March 2010

Cross Country", a public works project for Wysing Arts Centre

34 Pages
29,7 x 21 cm
Editor: public works

There are numerous publications and lectures that Torrange has been involved in, the most interesting one that I have come across is a lecture called, “Art and Architecture – A public initiative” which I would recommend reading. It can be found at the link below.

To Find out more about Public Works and Torange Khonsar Please follow the links below:

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