Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The Rose Garden - The Notice Board

As The Rose Garden nears completion ready for the grand unveiling as part of the British Ceramics Biennial, final but important touches are being made.

Sketch-up of our notice board

One of these is the installation of a Notice Board. On the surface this might seem like a humdrum mundane component of the project, yet it is actually crucially important, and integral to the ideas that underpin the whole project.

This project is about being Outward Facing.

One of the problems, at times, for the Arts operating in the public realm, is how to effectively tell people what you're doing. The ability to communicate in an intellectual but accessible way, is really important. We have to be able to let the public/audience/viewers
know what, how and why we are doing what we are doing so that an understanding, and in particular with this project, a level of engagement and participation can be created.

So, our Rose Garden notice board will stand on site for the duration of the project, telling people about The Rose Garden. We will be updating it as the project progresses, so that people can keep abreast of developments. Additionally, we hope that the board will be used by the BCB for the duration of the Biennial, with regular updates for the many and varied activities and events which will form the content of the 6 week Biennial. It is, we think, the perfect way to link the associated complementary ideas which underpin the approaches of AirSpace Gallery and the British Ceramics Biennial.

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