Thursday, 12 September 2013

The Rose Garden - Groundworks Day 5

A rainy day at the Rose Garden slightly curtailed activities on Day 5 of the Groundworks. We had planned, among other things to, to pay some closer attention to the demarcation of our wedge-shaped zone of activity. Our original plan had been that we would jetwash the whole concrete surface. However, we have reasoned that after last weeks day of sweeping, not only does the sweeping offer a sufficiently effective solution, but the jetwashing might be too vigorous an activity, and may disrupt those areas outside the zone.

The rain isn't the best weather for sweeping, and so we've postponed for a week, with fingers crossed for drier weather. The rain had helped, though, with the bedding in of our Heucheras, Heathers and Caryx grasses, all of which were looking fit and healthy.

On arrival, it struck us that two of the remaining rose bushes in the garden were just coming in to bud and flower just in time for the BCB opening in a fortnight - in a fitting vibrant BCB pink.

We took the chance of the slightly inclement weather, to finish of the last of the cement-based building. First was to build the plinth which will hold our ceramic "Spode China Rose".

And finally to replace the edging stones for the two flower and plant beds.

By the end of the day, we realised there was still loads to do. We've still got to paint the front wall and railings, make and affix 8 wooden seats for the flower bed, make a notice cabinet to house our project proposal, more planting and an investigation into how much the tree surgery, that is essential to carry out ,will set us back. But despite all the work still to come,  it was satisfying to stand back and clearly see the distinct demarcation of our transformation zone and a clear indication of the fruits of our efforts.

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