Thursday, 25 July 2013

AirSpace Gallery - Who Dares by Malarky and Gold Peg

Who Dares - AirSpace Gallery 03/08/13-10/08/13

The first AirSpace show of the new season opens on Saturday August 3rd with a short sharp bang. Responding to the city's many hinterlands, neglecteds, overlookeds and forgottens, the site and location inspired Who Dares sees London artists Malarky and Gold Peg  transforming the gallery spaces into an alternate world, at once familiar, full of home comforts, but on closer inspection, things aren't as they initially seem.

In amongst the wastelands, backsies, and car boot communities, we’ve been conjuring up a chaotic selection of wild animals for their upcoming exhibition ‘Who Dares’. With an array of neons, smashed bricks, and combustible fuels the private view promises to be dangerous, and well worth the expedition. - Gold Peg

Malarky and Goldpeg have been creating a stir in their short time in the city, with several murals popping up in unexpected places, and with Who Dares the promise of the unexpected and the unconventional is transferred to a gallery setting. 

The Private View is open to everyone and will be on Saturday August 3rd at 6pm, with the show running from Tuesday 6th-Saturday 10th, 10am-5pm. 

For more information visit the facebook event page

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