Monday, 29 July 2013

AirSpace Gallery - a new artwork arrives

Coming from its starring roll at Lichfield Cathedral, part of 2013 Lichfield Festival, AirSpace Gallery is now the proud guardian of Pete R. Smith's latest creation, "Bird Bath for the weary Bird"

Pete says -

As an artist I create installations sometimes involving mechanical surrogate forms, other times involving remoulded debris that have been retired from their previous duties and reclaimed into artistic duties. Within this they often take on mass and menial functions reflecting the everyday chores in our lives. I am interested in what mass production means and how this affects our day to day living. I am curious about those ghosts of our presence having been there and what we may leave behind us if even it is but only an echo?

Made from reclaimed debris from my explorations and childhood, the bird bath features two car trailer mud guards converted into luxury bathing suite’s for any weary bird that just happens to be in the Herb Garden and needing a good wash and preen.

The Bird Bath now has a permanent place in the AirSpace Yarden.

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