Sunday, 30 September 2012

AirSpace Studio Show - featured artist #5 - Adam Gruning

One of our graduate residents is the 5th featured artist in our annual studio show. As well as producing work for the show, Adam also took a lead in the show's management, producing the marketing material, and working hard to curate twelve disparate pieces of work. We think he did a great job.

Hand Drawn Can Repeat:

 Adam’s work proposes elements of design, placement and choice towards various spectacles in society, with his current concerns revolving around the display of imagery and visual communication. There are continuous gestures relating to permanence, existence, spectacle and language in his work, in some way questioning or re-addressing a relationship with it. It is most often through photography that he formalises his work, as it is a medium that seems to deal well with image, design and the dialogue of his subject matter most directly. In more recent developments GrĂ¼ning has developed work focusing on the consumer and designer, drawing comparisons and investigating a relationship that exists there.

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