Wednesday, 26 September 2012

AirSpace Studio Show - featured artist #4 - Kate Lynch

Today's featured AirSpace Studio Show artist is Kate Lynch, investigating ideas of permaculture, growth, regrowth and repair.

Unstructured Material:

‘Everyday practice on the plot begins with Unstructured material; a piece of ground and a heap of sticks; a box of plants; packets of seeds; and a bundle of ideas of what might be done with them’
David Crouch, 2003

The tent brings together current research and visual inspiration within the context of the artist’s on-going research & development. Participants are invited to engage with the piece in a variety of ways; to retreat, research, explore and share thoughts and meditations on selected themes. The selecting, tracing and scanning of selected images is a meditative and thoughtful process where fragments of historical knowledge and lore, extracted from found materials and books, are revived & re-interpreted within a space that deals with current issues & suggests a desire to share, activate and inspire others. Digitally scanned images, tracings & cuttings extracted from the artist’s life, research books and sketchbook offers an insight into working process current research activity & encourages transfer of knowledge & skill sharing

Kate is also running the redevelopment of the gallery's outdoor space - and is hosting a series of AirSpace Yarden events, the next of which is October 6th.

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