Friday, 9 December 2016

Midpointness - Documentation 9/12/16

Friday 9th December
·       Wear Midpointness T-shirt
·       The far wall should have a band of 20cms each day of dark green painted across it floor to ceiling each day using masking tape, an image of this from the same position should be added to the airspace blog

·       Every day invigilators should encourage visitors to fill in Toby Huddlestone questionnaires until 100 is reached
·       Every day invigilators should encourage visitors to read or sing Lily Mellor’s cue cards and do this themselves
·       Each day there should be some documentation of the show added to the Airspace blog
·       At sometime during the day rearrange John Plowman’s artwork, by unfolding part of the material a little more and using the wall or trestle table to support it as appropriate

·       Between 11am – 12pm – in this hour you should stare at one work, follow these instructions:
IA - 11.00am - Walk around exhibition and choose one work
IA - 11.01am - Stare at work, try to blink as little as possible
IA - 11.59am - Stop staring and walk around exhibition

·       Between 12-1pm is Eating a sandwich for an hour time, follow these instructions:
IA - 12.00pm - Eat a sandwich very, very slowly
IA - 12.59pm - stop eating

Today’s sandwich was rice and peas.

·       Between 1-2pm is Drinking one cup of coffee for an hour, follow these instructions:
IA - 1.00pm - Make cup of coffee or ask someone to nip out to buy one
IA - 1.05pm - sip coffee very, very slowly
IA - 1.59pm - Drain the cup

Today’s coffee hour was 10-11am

·       Between 2-3pm is Mumbling hour, you should Only mumble in this hour unless there is a fire alarm and you have to evacuate the building
·       Between 2-3pm - Turn one of Gerard Williams 'Cultural Currency' pieces around to be visible on the other side using a ladder and clean hands
·       Between 3-4pm is IA - Reading a book hour, follow these instructions:
IA - 3.00pm - Ask someone to lend you a book, get or ask for something to use for a bookmark and at least 7 rubber bands
IA - 3.06pm - start reading it
IA - 3.57pm - stop reading and put a book mark in book
IA - 3.58pm - Put rubber bands around book
IA - 3.59 - leave book in the gallery for rest of Midpointness

4.08pm is spontaneous painting falls off of wall minute:

·       Between 4-5pm is Spontaneous clapping hour, you should follow these instructions:
IA - Clap for one hour and record the sound on a device of your choice, this can be your smartphone, laptop or professional recording device, depending on what you and the gallery have; you can clap in any way you like

IA - Play the sound back at another hour of your choice during the exhibition, you can be present in this hour or not, but you get to chose when this is and on what equipment/how loud

Midpointness is an evolving project which seeks to equate itself along the lines of a conceptual model of the cosmic. Over the course of 4 weeks, this group exhibition, featuring works by 27 UK and international artists will change and evolve, grow and diminish, pulsate through the works of the artists and the participation of the audience. Curatorial control will, at times be handed over to Gallery staff and exhibition visitors, both live and remote. Through this egalitarian, hierarchy-free approach, Midpointness will seek to explore the nature of the artist, the exhibition, the audience and the work of art.

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