Saturday, 26 November 2016

Midpointness - Documentation 26/11/16

Third band of green:

Invigilator to play favourite song on repeat:

Turn one of Gerard William’s Cultural Currency pieces around using a ladder with clean hands:

The invigilator should paint the end of the large false wall that faces the pillar white using masking tape to stop the paint spilling onto the other sides of the wall. The invigilator should also use the tin of paint labelled 26th Nov in the workshop to paint the tiny bit of wall on the right hand side of the entrance to screening room and above the doorway in this colour:

Midpointness is an evolving project which seeks to equate itself along the lines of a conceptual model of the cosmic. Over the course of 4 weeks, this group exhibition, featuring works by 27 UK and international artists will change and evolve, grow and diminish, pulsate through the works of the artists and the participation of the audience. Curatorial control will, at times be handed over to Gallery staff and exhibition visitors, both live and remote. Through this egalitarian, hierarchy-free approach, Midpointness will seek to explore the nature of the artist, the exhibition, the audience and the work of art.

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