Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Indefinable Cities - Hirofumi Suzuki - Diary of a Stranger - #14

As part of the Indefinable Cities Exhibition currently showing at AirSpace Gallery, we are presenting the work of Hirofumi Suzuki. As well as his exhibited work in the Gallery, Hirofumi is sending us a drawing that he makes each day throughout the exhibition as part of his work, "Diary of a Stranger".

Woman, Osaka, 2015

Man, Osaka, 2015

Hirofumi Suzuki’s enduring practice, spanning over 30 years, takes the form of simple pencil drawings. Produced quickly, in large numbers and predominantly focusing on common aspects of everyday life. Suzuki’s drawings invest a value in a subject that may, on the surface, seem a touch mundane. Repeated journeys in various forms, provide the impetus for nameless portraits, or landscapes of nondescript urban locations. The importance for Suzuki, however, lies as much in the activity as in the output - the act of stopping and focusing on a scene and then spending what may only be half an hour carefully recording the subject, transcends the mundane into something altogether more significant.

To see more of Hirofumi's practice and works visit - http://croquisszk.exblog.jp/

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