Wednesday, 2 July 2014


AirSpace Gallery an artist led space in Stoke on Trent invited me along with other artists down to Stoke to take part in a development course Beneath the Pavement, which was spread out over two days . The aim of this was to explore Stoke and discuss potential ideas for art to take more precedence in the city centre. My task along with the other artists is to make a proposal ready for September where we will be meeting local business owners, city planners and members of the public to discuss how along with AirSpace Gallery can bring about some change to Stoke City Centre. Here are some photos of areas in the city that caught my interest and will be a starting point to base my ideas upon. All of these areas photographed are completely unused. For my proposal I am interested in helping to regenerate some of these dead spaces. I don’t have the power to do everything I’d like but there are areas pictured above that could house temporary art works and projects that can help pump some life back into them and support artists and people of stoke who still pass through these areas on a daily basis.

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