Thursday, 12 December 2013

pigdogandmonkeyfestos | Issue 2 | The Artists Part 7

The last two artists to fall under the gaze of our brief intros to the contributors to PIGDGANDMNKEYFESTS Issue 2 are...Alice Walton and Lucy Harrison.

Alice Walton, "Model As You Would Carve"
Alice Walton calls her sculptural installations ‘architectural objects’. They are configured to support and re-present collections of found images. Using material such as standard cardboard, rough timber or plasterboard, the elements are simply assembled and the method of production is left clearly visible. Her work has a meticulous, aesthetic elegance underpinned by conceptual rigour: she is interested in the way that artworks are perceived and understood, this process becoming part of the presentation.

Lucy Harrison, 'Rename Southend Airport, "Lee Brilleaux Dr. Feelgood Airport"'

Lucy Harrison is an artist based in London and is currently employed as a Senior Lecturer in Fine Art (Print & Digital Media) at University for the Creative Arts at Canterbury (formerly KIAD).

Lucy Harrison’s practice explores how people experience and describe places. Her work is geographically rooted and often looks at sites which are in the midst of large-scale change. These projects generate a large amount of research material and rely on interaction with found matter. Historical material is often used in comparison with accounts of current visits as a way of questioning how we view and record places. Through a dialogue with these historical or current dominant narratives, Lucy Harrison builds on the urban palimpsest by finding new routes and forgotten or previously undocumented histories.
Lucy Harrison’s work investigates the subjective nature of how we experience location, as opposed to the singular perspective offered by materials such as guide books. She is interested in the construction of place; both physically and psychologically. Making connections between memory, location and architecture her work contains echoes of the Situationists’ wanderings through the urban arena.    

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