Monday, 26 August 2013

The Rose Garden - First Visit

Last week, we went for an initial scouting session to the Rose Garden at Spode - just to get an idea of the space, the scope of the project, specifically, what we'd need to do, what tools we'd need etc.

This short video gives an idea of the space
(best watched in HD)

Mostly, the footing of the space is old concrete, which is fairly crack-strewn, through which a variety of weeds are growing.

The space just in front of the main wall is a former flower bed, which has become filled with thistles, ver healthy specimens and very, very spiky!

Our initial thoughts were that the wedge-shaped segment which we would identify and give the transformation treatment to would have its wide edge at the front wall, and taper towards a point to the China Hall wall.

Towards that wall, there are several shrubs, and old rose bushes. They are mostly in a fairly overgrown straggly condition, unsurprising after the years of neglect. Our idea is that any flora that falls within the specified segment will be pruned and trimmed and tidied, for effect for the Biennial, but would then be fully pruned back after the BCB in order to allow the plant to recuperate fully and grow in time for 2015.

The centrepiece to the work, though will be a raised circular bed in the middle of the segment. This space has already been decided for us as there are already two former circular flower beds, which have become weed-filled over the years. Our plan will be to ensure that one of these falls within our segment, and then clear, and rake over the soil. Then, utilising spare bricks we find on the Spode site,

we will build a circular raised bed - approximately 2 feet high, which will serve two purposes. Firstly, it will give us space for a yet to be decided planting scheme, and secondly, we plan to finish the top surface with treated timber to make a circular seating area. The very centre of this space will then be built up as a presentation area for a ceramic rose which we hope to mould in the shape of the eventual real-life new "Spode China Rose" which will populate the space.

Beyond that, the area, once marked out, will get a full weed, sweep and Jet Wash Treatment which should really help to delineate the two areas - treated and untreated.

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