Wednesday, 12 June 2013

The AirSpace Yarden - an update

A month or so after the launch, the Bird Yarden has grown amazingly. Thanks to a series of unseasonally warm and dry summer days, interspersed with some more familiar rainy ones, all of the plants have come on in leaps and bounds. And the signs for the birds are encouraging too, as many of the berry-producing plants, such as the Rowan tree and the white and red currants are already showing signs of fruit.

The Yarden's birds are well catered for, after the successful raffle held on Launch Day, and the ravenous Goldfinches in particular will be pleased to know that there are enough sunflower seeds to keep them going for the rest of the year.

Since the opening day, we have been concerned with planning how we can open the space up to the public, with our preferred option being that at times when the Gallery is closed, people can apply for the padlock code, to let themselves in to the Yard and enjoy the space on their own terms. We are planning a barbeque event to which we hope to invite local business holders and shopworkers to come and see the Yarden, and offer it to them as a space to have their lunches etc.

We have also entered the Yarden into Stoke-on-Trent Council's Gardening Competition. Following the success of the BCB/Stoke-on-Trent Transformation Garden at this year's Chelsea Flower Show, where it was awarded a silver medal, the council has launched a competition in which the challenge is to turn yards, garden, play grounds and open spaces into beautiful spaces filled with flowers and creativity. We think the Yarden fits the bill perfectly, and whether we are successful or not, hope that it will be another avenue to telling the City about this wonderful secluded city haven.

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