Thursday, 4 April 2013

AirSpace Yarden - The final developments are underway

Developments in the AirSpace Bird Yarden are into the final straight. Over the last couple of months, come rain, snow or shine, we have transformed an overgrown and underused back yard into a space almost ready for public use and already-ready for the local birdlife, who are revelling in their new home.

In those 2 months, we have -

  • constructed two large planting beds, one stretching over 20 feet, and the other incorporating some bespoke seating. 
  • created a stage area, and covered it with a timber pergola. 
  • excavated and landscaped a previously unpenetrable corridor, into a beautifully sculpted buddleia garden, complete with pond and seat.
  • introduced well over 20 different types of plant.
  • whitewashed the rear outer gallery wall.
  • selected 5 commissioned art works which will become permanent Yarden features.

With just over a month until the Grand Opening, there are only 3 features left to design, build and install.

All designs by Andrew Branscombe.

The Living Wall will divide the yard from the car-parking driveway. In two sections, the wall will be built in a series of layers, using a variety of materials, such as tin cans, bamboo, terracotta pots, scrap bricks, straw, and hole-drilled timber.
The idea is to provide insect life - crucial to ensuring a thriving environment for the birds - with a perfect habitat, full of dark nooks and crannies. The wall will be divided by a large timber-framed raised bed for a beautiful berry-laden rowan tree, and a specially designed garden gate, and rambling rose willow archway. The final touch will be a top layer of alpines and small succulents.

The Water Feature - next to the back door, alongside the seating, we are planning a permanent water feature, made of a series of stacked, reclaimed porcelain sinks. This will stand approximately 4 -5 feet in height, and will see water constantly cascade from top to bottom.

The Yarden Gate - at the heart of the Yarden project is the hope that the space will be enjoyed by the public, and so we are planning to install a side gate, which can be accessed via Bird Cage Walk, the tiny road to the side of the Gallery. The gate will be constructed from reclaimed steel, and adorned with a series of silhouette reliefs in the shape of birds.

May 4th is the date of the Grand Opening, and we're well into discussions and plans to create a day full of interesting activities, talks, and of course, all accompanied by Sarah R. Key's wonderful exhibition of paintings, "Speaking in Tongues". It promises to be a great day.

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