Tuesday, 5 March 2013

AirSpace Yarden - some goldfinches and a blue tit - and a brief pigeon

                                      Birdlife in the AirSpace Yarden - 05.03.13

The AirSpace Yarden is coming along nicely, and certainly has the approval of a series of feathered visitors. In a break from some studio work this afternoon, I grabbed a cup of tea, and took in some spring sunshine. My break was accompanied by about half a dozen goldfinches, greedily tucking in to the sunflower seeds in the buddleia garden's bird feeder. The lone blue tit was soon chased away, but the pigeon that dropped in was more than happy to sit underneath, and await the inevitable falling scraps.

A great thing about this project, is the knowledge that in those times when the gallery is closed, the yard is still going to be a hive of unhindered activity. And that's part of the point really, as the space will work in two ways - firstly as a communal, creative place, but just as importantly as a thriving inner city sanctuary for the city's bird-life, and other complementary components of the local eco-system. In the last week alone, we've spotted goldfinches, blue tits, blackbirds, dunnocks, magpies and pigeons - who knows which other types are visiting when we're not there.

This weekend, we'll be finishing off the large raised bed, ready for planting out our assorted flora, and starting on the building of a bespoke stage, perfect for future performances, outdoor talks and workshops.

And, excitingly, the team from Bergen Academy of Art and Design who are here to install their findings from their Spode Works  investigative workshop for the forthcoming exhibition "The Site is the Question", will be enacting an archaeological dig in the yard this week, in the hope of unearthing some long lost ceramic treasures.

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