Sunday, 17 February 2013

The AirSpace Yarden

Spring is in the air at AirSpace, as work starts in earnest on Conjunction 12's final project. As part of Conjunction 12, AirSpace Gallery commissioned a project to develop an outdoor space to become a multi-functional creative urban space that will showcase yard & small space solutions & host outdoor art exhibitions, workshops & events.

The Yarden project was launched in August 2012, with an open event,  with the planning, design and consultation stage taking place during Conjunction 12; Over that time, and actually after a while of putting out feed for the local bird life, we noticed the ever expanding amount of birds using the Gallery's yard. Over 15 different types of bird had been spotted in our yard, from the humble pigeon to a host of others including goldfinches, tunnocks, blue tits, blackbirds and robins. Beguiled by our feathered visitors, the conclusion was that the AirSpace Yard could be transformed into an urban bird haven. The design and planting will be carried out with this in mind, using species of plants known to attract not only birds, but other species of wildlife that make up a complementary eco-system. 
 A key principle behind the Yarden  is the use of an array of found & reclaimed materials and DIY solutions, using methods that can be taught to others in workshops, which can easily be replicated within the yards and small spaces of the City.
Yarden is an exercise in urban place-making - the transformation of a hidden, underused urban space into an accessible communal place which the public can use for a variety of purposes, from a simple beautiful retreat space to arts events, performances and workshops. Once finished, the Yarden will be available to ALL during Gallery opening hours, and made accessible via a bespoke Yarden side-door. And afterwards, the legacy  is hoped to be a communal creative space  to host creative workshops, meetings, outdoor exhibitions and events.
The Yarden is due to open in May, coinciding with an exhibition by 2012 Threadneedle nominee, Sarah Key. Watch out for further developments and details of the Yarden opening event and Sarah Key's exhibition.

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