Friday, 10 August 2012

in the window - peter r. smith

new work was installed in AirSpace's window exhibition space yesterday -Peter R. Smith's  "Rebecca and Rachel" is showing for the next 2 weeks until August 23rd.

In the artist's words:

"Rebecca and Rachel"
‘Rebecca and Rachel’ are equally individual and co-joined at the same time. They follow a path of constant change; though not immediately noticeable, their bodies are both decomposing and expanding at the same time.
I give these forms human names, because somehow that constitutes them being possible living beings. Their vials contain water because that is essential for all possibility of life. They are given veins and archeries to allow the fluid to flow from one vessel to the next. These entities each have a mass to each unit, but does that constitute a body. Probably already there are micro organisms thriving within the soup fluids of the bodies, but that constitute life?
In these games I play, what control do I have? Is this the power to choose what survives, what is dissected away and the very form these individuals take.

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