Thursday, 6 February 2014

The Walking Encyclopaedia - DAY TEN - some finishing preps and the start of the hang

And so, well in to the final stretch, exciting things are starting to happen at the Gallery - Tim Knowles - surely one of the the hardest working and most conscientious artists we have worked with has put the finishing touches to the whole new wall he has constructed. The wall will be the host of a huge line drawing due for completion today - watch out for upcoming footage. Added to that, the Gallery window has  had a start made to it too - a bit of Kielder Forest brought to Sunny Stoke.
Paths of Variable Resistance marks the latest show in Tim's ever expanding career - it's his fifth exhibition of 2014 - and also he'll be showing at a Walking Exhibition at The Mac in Birmingham running concurrently with ours - Walk On will be well worth a visit and represents the strength of contemporary cultural walking.

Philippe Guillaume

And the hang for the Walking Encyclopaedia started too - with the first pieces of physical work entering the show - can you see yours?

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