Wednesday 5 February 2014

The Walking Encyclopaedia - DAY NINE - something new from Alec Finlay

One of the delights so far in the process of putting together The Walking Encyclopaedia has been the interest and generosity shown in and towards the project from a full spectrum of practitioners.

The idea seems really to have had an engagement - a sense of validation, and fraternity has shone through - and part of the importance, we believe, has been in the open nature of the project. And part of the success in terms of word being spread lies in the quality of the Network - the Walking Artists Network.

Each day, as parcels and packages have arrived, we have discovered new gems, unique approaches and unexpected treasures.

Today's surprise came in the form of an insight into some new work sent in by hugely influential walking artist, Alec Finlay.  Finlay is a Scottish-born artist currently based in Edinburgh, whose beautiful work takes various forms and media, including poetry, sculpture, collage, audio-visual, neon, and new technologies; often it reflects on human engagement with landscape.

His Blog is a real treasure of emotion, and great imagery, and a sense of presence and existance and movement through a landscape - check it out here.

Alec has sent us an insight in to some new work he is making specifically for this blog.

Alec's presence in The Walking Encyclopaedia will be in the form of two publications - White Peak | Dark Peak and 14 VIEWS ON THE ISLE OF SKYE - plus a brand new piece of work, which will be unveiled on Friday's opening.

Thanks Alec, and to all contributors to The Walking Encyclopaedia.

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