Friday, 17 July 2015

Indefinable Cities → Japan : Day 4

On an incessantly wet typhonic morning, Koh, Mio and I set out in the relative luxury of a local cab, to Atelier Sangatsu, ensuring that Rebecca Chesney's works would be dry for the install!

The day ran smoothly as we made some good early decisions and quite quickly got a sense of how the exhibition would sit. This space is about a 6th the size of AirSpace, and while there is only 1 artist being shown, it is tricky to get the hang right with a limited space resource. But the overall thinking, around allowing works and the viewing of them room to breathe still holds true and I think we managed that. It helps, of course, that a good percentage of Rebecca's works here are audio, and so fill a different sensory plane.

The conversations around the install between Koh, Mio and myself showed a good amount of agreement and shared thinking - I know that it has really helped that we have already talked a lot about the individual works, having seen them installed and exhibited at AirSpace,

The afternoon was a little trickier, as the trans-national meeting of technological components was a bit frosty - the Gallery's monitor and our media player took some introducing, but we got there in the end. The Gallery owner Hara was really happy to have 6 of Rebecca's publications to add extra context for the show - they'll be on sale, so it will be interesting to see how that side of things goes.

Just a few finishing touches left ahead of tomorrow evening's opening.

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